The creative possibilities of smartphones from the Mobile Photography Awards

The annual Mobile Photography Awards has once again showcased the incredible talent behind smartphone photography. This year, Australian photographer Glenn Homann emerged as the winner, impressing the judges with his exceptional portfolio of imagery.

Over the span of 12 years, the Mobile Photography Awards have demonstrated the enduring appeal of capturing moments with a phone camera. This year’s edition saw a record number of submissions, with talented smartphone photographers from across the globe showcasing their work in 12 distinct categories. Contestants demonstrated remarkable versatility across genres such as landscape, portraits, and architecture.

Glen Homann’s captivating work is a testament to his mastery of vivid colors, dramatic lighting, and engaging compositions. His portfolio exemplifies the essence of mobile photography, depicting the power to create stunning images anytime and anywhere, armed only with a smartphone. Here are a few of his images.

MPA Photographer of the Year
“Eyeing Ibis” by Glenn Homann
Landscape smartphone photo
“There” by Glenn Homann
Another image by contest winner Glenn Homann
“Cross Here” by Glenn Homann

Founder of the Mobile Photography Awards, Daniel Berman, expressed enthusiasm for both Glenn and all the photographers who participated this year:

“Glenn’s work truly captures the essence of what mobile photography is all about—the ability to create stunning images anytime, anywhere, using only a smartphone.”

With thousands of entries originating from mobile photographers in 80 different countries, the expert judging panel faced the daunting task of selecting the winners. The final outcome showcases a remarkable group of creative photographers who constantly push the boundaries of what can be achieved with a smartphone, proving that their artistic vision is not limited by the equipment they carry in their pockets.

The awards pride themselves on “highlighting the power and potential of mobile photography.”

Black & White Photography Winner
“Washing Elephant, Chitwan” by Shuolong Ma. Winner, Black & White

Keeping up with advancements in technology, the Mobile Photography Awards has now introduced a special category for AI images. By honouring the creators of such remarkable visuals, the awards have embraced the changing landscape of our world and recognized the value of AI-generated art.

Scroll down to explore the other impressive category winners and discover some of the most captivating images from the contest. Or discover standout images from other contests, such as the Sony World Photography Contest or the Infrared Photography Contest.

Landscapes & Wildlife Mobile Photography Winner
“Geocentric Exploration” by Zhengjie Wu. Winner, Landscapes & Wildlife
Silhouette photo by Yue Qiu
“Heart of Water” by Yue Qiu. Winner, Silhouettes
Visual FX & Digital Art Photography
“Flight Pattern” by Heather McAlister. Winner, Visual FX & Digital Art
Water, Snow, Ice Mobile Photography Winner
“The Scenery After the Rain” by Wang Hsiu Ling. Winner, Water, Snow, Ice