Decorate your beard with mini baubles

Are you into the ugly sweater trend? If not, try a different look this holiday season. Christmas baubles are usually meant for trees, but large-bearded men are using them to decorate their face instead.

Wanting their facial foliage to stand out from the crowd, bearded men are showing off their festive style with Beard Baubles. They were created by designers Mike Kennedy and Pauline Ashford from UK-based ad agency Grey London. These facial decorations are essentially miniature-sized Christmas ornaments that you can use to adorn your beard.

Decorate your beard with mini baublesDecorate your beard with mini baubles

Mike and Pauline were Inspired by the brief: Do something famous or do something good—ideally both. They came up with an idea that’s not simply a charitable card but an actual product that can be sold.

And that’s what they did. Each pack, priced at £7 (approximately $13CDN). They contain 14 multi-coloured ornaments in different sizes; the first run of them has already sold out. Proceeds from the sales will go to Beard Season, an Australian charity whose goal is to raise awareness for melanoma.

Decorate your beard with mini baublesDecorate your beard with mini baubles

If you don’t have a beard, yet, find out which one is best for your face shape.

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Images: http://beardbaubles.tictail.com/product/beard-baubles

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