Move over beard baubles, it’s time to light things up

Forget about adding glitter to your beard or hanging Christmas baubles in there. A new trend has hit the beard scene and it’s about to literally light up this festive season in a big way. 


This year, hipsters are opting to add twinkling fairy lights to their beards; the latest addition to the ever-burgeoning list of ways to bedazzle one’s beard. And last Sunday locals headed to the East Village E20’s Christmas Market, where there was a special pop-up grooming stall. The pimp-my-beard pop-up offered bearded gentlemen the chance to have a signature look crafted for them by a professional beard stylist.


As beards have become more and more popular, as well as longer, they have become part of the Christmas-party look. You can go with coloured lights or white, twinkle or no twinkle. Or you could show a shred of dignity and avoid the whole thing altogether. And if you have a beard, just groom the damn thing and then leave it alone.

beard-lights-christmas-beards-3 beard-lights-christmas-beards-4

Images: Mikael Buck