How parents can make a difference in a creative child’s life

There are many ways to define creativity; putting things together in unique ways, or seeing the a given problem with fresh eyes. And while we all solve problem in creative ways, encouraging it in others can make a big difference.

Some of us are lucky enough to be born with talent in certain mediums, but for others we can train the eye, ear and mind. When it comes to kids, a little nurturing and support from an early age can bolster their creativity. 

In the following comic, cartoonist Gavin Aung Than became inspired by writer/filmmaker Kevin Smith. He chose to illustrate ways that parents can play a big part in shaping a creative child’s future. Take a look:

It costs nothing to encourage an artist

How parents can make a difference in a creative child’s life

Gavin’s comic shows the positive possibilities an aspiring artist can have if encouraged by their parents. Just remember that it costs absolutely nothing to give your child what they need to succeed. You can also click here to discover ways to stimulate creativity.


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