Discover the simple ideas you can use to stimulate creativity

For people who generate ideas for a living, it is not uncommon to experience creativity ruts. To help you keep the creative juices flowing, Spanish ad agency SHOUT! Marketing has created an infographic, which lists a number of simple things that you can do everyday to stimulate the creative process. 

Infographic: Simple ideas to stimulate creativity

Stimulate creativity by:

  • Play
  • Going for a walk
  • Moving your eyes
  • Taking a break and enjoying yourself
  • Congratulating yourself each time you do something well
  • Estimating time, distances, and money
  • Taking a route you’ve never taken before
  • Looking for images in mosaics, patters, textures, clouds…
  • Trying something you’ve never done before
  • Doing a creative exercise
  • Starting a collection
  • Watching sci-fi or fantasy films or TV
  • Changing the way you do things
  • Using a colour you don’t like
  • Thinking about how the invented the equipment you use
  • Making a list of 10 things you think are impossible to do and then imagine how you could make each one possible
  • When every bad thing that happens to you, remembering at least 3 good things
  • Reading something you haven’t read yet
  • Making friends with people on the other side of the world
  • When you have an idea, making a note of it, and later checking to see if it happened
  • Connecting a sport with work
  • Trying food you never tried before
  • Talking to your grandparents and listening to their stories
  • Giving an incorrect answer to a question
  • Finding links between people, things, ideas, or facts
  • Asking children how to do something and observe their creativity

Which of these ideas do you think would be most useful to stimulate creativity? Share it below or on social media. You can also find out how to stimulate creativity with meditation pods.