The Survival Kit: getting you through office “emergencies”

A lot of unexpected things can happen in the course of a day at the office—and making it through an office emergency can be difficult. So don’t wait until disaster strikes. It’s a smart idea to have office survival kits prepared for you and your fellow employees.

That was creative studio Phoenix‘s thought when they came up with The Survival Kit; 3 simple kits to make help you survive the most common emergencies you might face. Each of these kits are packed with goodies that would make your working hours easier and more enjoyable.

The Presentation Survival Kit

Office Survival Kit: The Presentation

Scenario 1: It’s nearly 3pm and you receive an alert reminding you that you have a meeting you’ve completely forgotten about. Unfortunately, you still look like you’ve just gotten out of bed. Thankfully, The Presentation kit contains everything you need to look stylish and professional in front of your client. It contains things like deodorant, bow ties, and other grooming supplies. Just hope your project is as refined as you soon will be.

The Overtime Survival Kit

Office Survival Kit: The Overtime

Scenario 2: The project you’ve been working on for months is going to production tomorrow and the client just asked for more changes! Not to panic, but you can make your upcoming extra hours easier with The Overtime kit. In it you will find everything you need to overcome the task at hand, including a flask, mix tape, energy bar and more.

The Power Outage Survival Kit

Office Survival Kit: The Power Outage

Scenario 3: You’re diligently working on a project when suddenly your screen goes black. There is a moment of complete silence followed by a symphony of screams across the office… There’s no doubt about it, the office’s power is out. Not worry, The Power Outage kit has everything you need to pass the time. Just hope you managed to save your work as you put on a warm pair of socks, light a candle and play the harmonica.

Never suffer from deadline anxiousness, presentation panic, or worrying about the electricity being cut off in the office anymore. If you want to purchase your very own survival kit, they’re available by email here. For those who have trouble getting through awards season, Phoenix has also come up with one more kit: the Cannes Lions Survival Kit. Learn more about these kits by visiting its website here.

Here’s one final survival kit for when things get really rough: Creative ways to destroy your boss.

However, if you’d like to make your own custom kit for the office, here’s some ideas on what to put in it:

Creating a custom office survival kit

Rather than having to MacGyver something out of Scotch tape and plastic forks from the office pantry, pick up some of items on this list so you’re prepared for anything your workplace throws at you.

Deodorant: What happens when all that sweat wipes away your morning antiperspirant? Just reach into your desk and reapply – your coworkers will thank you.

Tide Pen: Accidents happen. At least once during the day, you’re liable to spill something on yourself. Enter the Tide pen, the miracle tool you’ll never be without again.

Spare Umbrella: What do you mean it’s raining out? That wasn’t on the forecast. Well, shit happens. So don’t get caught out in the cold without any protection. A compact umbrella that’s easy to store in a desk can save your bacon.

Energy Bars: The day can get really long and sometimes you need to power through lunch. You don’t want to get tired and screw up your work. Make sure to stash a few in your desk drawer for when you get hangry.

First Aid Kit: Do you really want to be running around the office when you cut your finger on an envelope, or accidentally staple your thumb to a document?

Aspirin: Headaches. We all get them. And the only thing worse than a bad headache is having it at work.

Pocket Notebook: Meetings tend to come out of nowhere. Don’t panic trying to find something to write on, pick up a cheap-o notebook that you can keep handy.

$20: $10 and a couple $5 bills are good to have around for emergencies. Maybe you forgot your lunch or a colleague is collecting donations for a sick coworker? You never know.

Booze: Just because.


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