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Scents to help you work

Everywhere you look, it seems that there is a new suggestion or idea on how to increase your productivity and efficiency at work. This isn’t surprising, since cracking the code of how to stay on top of your tasks and truly shine in your work is a goal that almost everyone shares. If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably already tried some of the most popular hacks out there. But there’s one that you probably haven’t tried yet: aromatherapy.Continue Reading..


15 ways to better manage your time

Have you ever wondered how some people appear to have enough time in a day to do everything that they want to; whereas others often rush from task to task, never seeming to finish anything. Do they just have less to do? No, it’s more likely that they’re using their time more effectively and practicing good time management skills.Continue Reading..


Hipster Sound creates ambient noise to stay productive at work

Do you enjoy wearing vintage clothing, listening to independent music, and artisanal coffee? If you also prefer activities considered to be outside of the social mainstream, then you’re a Hipster. And if you’re a Hipster, then you’re probably someone who finds it difficult to concentrate at work. Perhaps you feel more productive in a coffee shop surrounded by strangers.Continue Reading..


Vulgar website blocker stops procrastination

Do you often procrastinate when you’re at work? You know you need to get the job done, but you’d rather surf the web looking at cat videos. If you need a shocking, expletive reminder to stop your idle web browsing during work hours, then you might want to download the following website blocker Chrome extension.Continue Reading..


Introvert’s guide to being productive in the office

You like your co-workers, but you just can’t get anything done when they’re around. If this sound familiar, then you might be an introvert. For those who prefer to work alone, here are some tips that will help you be more productive in the office. Continue Reading..


Learn the reason why we pretend to be busy

Chances are that throughout your day someone has asked you, hey, are you busy? And whether you were or not, your answer was probably yes. But why?Continue Reading..


Why you should wear the same thing to work every day

Throughout the work week we’re confronted with thousands of decisions, both big and small; whether its choosing between #0099FF and #3399FF, or deciding to entirely change careers. With every decision you make, you’re using up the finite supply of mental energy allocated to you each day. These taxing decisions are referred to by experts as decision fatigue.Continue Reading..


Infographic: How to have the perfect day at work

How can we make our work days more effective? The details will likely vary depending on your profession and responsibilities, but there are still universal hacks we can all apply.Continue Reading..


Infographic: Take back your mornings

Are you usually less productive in the morning? For me, mornings are time to get things done before the workday begins. However, great mornings don’t just happen, they’re planned. They’re also about creating a routine that works; keeping you inspired and not just wired.Continue Reading..


How coffee reflects your productivity at work

Could you start the day without your morning Double-Double? Is it out of habit or do we really believe that a morning coffee will increase our productivity at work?Continue Reading..


Infographic: 3 common time wasters at work

The majority of workers spend an average of eight hours every single working day sitting at their desks. So it’s not surprising that sometimes we don’t have the motivation to work. Some of the most common time wasters are pretty normal, like frequently checking email. Others, like watching and downloading porn at work are a bit more shocking.Continue Reading..


The Survival Kit: getting you through office “emergencies”

A lot of unexpected things can happen in the course of a day at the office—and making it through an office emergency can be difficult. So don’t wait until disaster strikes. It’s a smart idea to have office survival kits prepared for you and your fellow employees.Continue Reading..