Infographic: Take back your mornings

Are you usually less productive in the morning? For me, mornings are time to get things done before the workday begins. However, great mornings don’t just happen, they’re planned. They’re also about creating a routine that works; keeping you inspired and not just wired.

In an infographic created by Entrepreneur, it lists down several tips on how you can maximize your mornings. It suggest ways to be more productive, with research from sleep experts and productivity thought leaders, to help you take back your morning and add hours to your week.

Check out the infographic below to find out how you can make the most out of your mornings.

Infographic: Take back your mornings

Do this / Don’t do that: Take back your mornings

Maximizing your mornings can super-charge your productivity. Morning people get more done, and some studies show their friendlier and more conscientious. Reclaim your mornings with these simple tips to add precious hours to your week.

The night before

Plan ahead. Have a calming ritual that gets you ready for the next day. Pre-program the coffee maker, set out your clothes, and prep your lunch.

Rethink your wakeup time. Think 6am or earlier. That’s what top executives at Twitter, Disney, and PepsiCo do.

Don’t be wired. Turn off all electronic devices 90 minutes before bedtime. Yes, all electronic devices. Light from screens, big and small, can promote wakefulness.

After you wake up

Don’t stress out. Stress puts your brain into crisis mode, making rational thinking difficult and sending you into a negative spiral.

Don’t press snooze. Researchers say you’ll restart your sleep cycle, feeling groggy longer. It might take hours to function optimally.

Set a routine. Start each day the same to cue your brain to move forward each next goal.

Get moving. Whether it’s a workout or a quick stretch, get your blood flowing. Studies show you’ll feel more alert and motivated.

Use your first 15 minutes carefully. Studies show top leaders schedule their most important to-do list items early, when they can fully focus with no distractions.

Don’t email. This black hole can steer your morning off-course, so stay offline as long as you can. No one emails about real emergencies anyway.

Work on that passion project. Studies show creative side projects keep you engaged and relaxed throughout the day and help you perform better at work.

Focus and ask yourself: “How can I add value today? What can I make better? What am I grateful for today?

Don’t skip your workout. Statistics show you’ll feel less calm and less healthy. Furthermore, sleep that night will come less easily.

Don’t watch TV. Television and talk radio distracts and stretches out the morning ritual.

Put on the radio. Music will keep your mind focused on the tasks at hand.

Don’t ignore family. Gather around the breakfast table for some quality time that becomes more difficult to find after 5pm.

Once you’re at the office

Don’t answer the phone or online chat. Even short calls can derail the rest of your day, so check caller ID before picking up. Train yourself to work without distractions for longer periods of time.

Do something important. Remember: first thing’s, first. Start your day with a milestone that keeps you motivated.

Manage your energy. Block tasks for certain times of day. Keep mornings open for tasks that need your creative energy.

Don’t do busy work. Mindless tasks might seem tempting, but they only delay you most to-do list items.

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