Is this billboard obscene by accident or by intent?

Costa Rican drivers are getting an eyeful when passing this billboard for beer brand Republica Parrillera Pilsner. When appearing from the front, it appears like your average billboard. However, when viewed from behind they receive an obscene image.

The front of the massive billboard features a 3D representation of a grilled sausage being barbecued. For drivers approaching from the other direction, it bears an alarming resemblance to a giant penis.

As always with such placements, there’s always debate over whether this was intentional or a mistake. Proponents of the former say it’s brilliant marketing, as drivers who approach the ad from the back are more likely to check out the front of the ad as they pass; behaviour that precious few billboards provoke. Those who think it’s accidental obscene can’t fathom the kind of balls it would take to put a giant penis on a billboard.

Is this billboard obscene by accident or by intent?

But whatever the reason, you can’t help but agree that the billboard is definitely attention-grabbing. What are your thoughts? Was this intentional or accidental?


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