Giant London billboard knows your car, even how you’re feeling

Many drivers and pedestrians have become used to tuning out billboard advertisements. But what if those billboards could serve up ads to you based on your vehicle, or even how you’re feeling? One London billboard is trying just that.

Is this billboard obscene by accident or by intent?

Costa Rican drivers are getting an eyeful when passing this billboard for beer brand Republica Parrillera Pilsner. When appearing from the front, it appears like your average billboard. However, when viewed from behind they receive an obscene image.

Passed out drunk people on the streets are turned into billboards

For most people, a quiet drink after work is a quick treat before they head home for their dinner. However, for these Japanese, the end-of-the-day quickly pint turns into one too many. The result is people becoming passed out drunk and end up sleeping on the streets of Tokyo.