Funny and honest food pyramid for different age groups

Everyone is aware that they should be eating a balanced diet filled with fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. In fact, we learned this in elementary school when we were taught the food pyramid.

Unfortunately, many people blame the old food pyramid for the current epidemic of adult and childhood obesity. Yet, even with it being revised, many will still be disappointed to find that not much has changed in the actual dietary guidelines that make up the pyramid.

No matter which way you look at it, the food pyramid doesn’t really reflect the changes and characteristics of true adult life. But if you could choose your own essential food groups, how would your food pyramid look These food pyramids by Someecards break down the staples of diets from all stages of adulthood.

Funny and honest food pyramid for 18-22 year-oldsFunny and honest food pyramid for 23-29 year-oldsFunny and honest food pyramid for 30-41 year-oldsFunny and honest food pyramid for 42-69 year-olds Funny and honest food pyramid for 70+ year-olds

Do you think that these amusing illustrations reflect your actual diet? Share your thoughts.

Brutally Honest Food Pyramids For Every Stage Of Adulthood

18-22 years old

  1. Adderall
  2. Vegetables and more Adderall
  3. Beer that tastes like urine and whatever restaurant your parents take you to when they visit
  4. Your roommate’s food that you blame your other roommate for stealing

23-30 years old

  1. Brunch
  2. Seamless lunch into a seamless dinner
  3. Food from your friend’s wedding that you didn’t want to attend and whatever your parents force you to take home with you when you visit
  4. Whatever you eat during another one of your gluten-free/vegan/blah-blah bullshit phases

31-40 years old

  1. Office birthday cake
  2. Wine “for the antioxidants” and more wine because of the kids
  3. Salad smothered in dressing like that’s helping anything and food in your office fridge belonging to someone else
  4. Something that your spouse makes that you used to like, but hate now (just like them)

41-69 years old

  1. Lipitor
  2. Low-carb everything in a desperate attempt to regain your healthful youth and still emptying wine bottles like a sitcom cliché of someone your age
  3. Wheatgrass smoothies so you can digest a single serving of red meat and calcium supplements to ward off Osteoporosis for a couple years
  4. Anything you don’t have to struggle to open with your pre-arthritic hands

70+ years old

  1. Pill that keeps you alive
  2. A pill for the side effects of that pill and another pill for the side effects of THAT pill
  3. Pill for the side effects of THAT pill and Werther’s Originals that you believe are pills because you forgot to take one of your pills
  4. Pureed everything