An offensive website blocker to stop your procrastinating

Do you often procrastinate when you’re at work? You know you need to get the job done, but you’d rather surf the web looking at cat videos. If you need a shocking, expletive reminder to stop your idle web browsing during work hours, then you might want to download the following website blocker Chrome extension.

While internet use has revolutionized how we work, it’s also led to increased use for non-professional activities at the workplace. With widespread connectivity and constantly emerging online activities, people are spending more time online for studying, learning, communicating, creating, and entertaining themselves. This chrome extension designed by tech entrepreneur and developer Alexander Lam called Go Fucking Work is a website blocker that will stop you from procrastinating. All you need to do is simply add your favourite websites that you frequent to the list. So the next time that you and visit them, it will ‘graciously’ tell you to “get straight back to fucking work.”

Website Blocker: How it works

“Please allow whitelisting instead of blacklisting! Cause all sites are a fucking waste of time except maybe a couple you really need for work. This is simple & great!” – Marie C.

Website Blocker: How it works

So if you want to be more productive and stop you from procrastinating, you might want to fucking download it here.