Creative fashion illustrations completed using food items

For those who like to play with their food, you might want to check out the works of Armenian illustrator Edgar Artis. Edgar takes his creative fashion illustrations and uses food to complete his sketches.

Fashion illustrations by Edgar Artis using fries to complete

He’s previously used stylized paper cut outs and everyday objects to create beautiful dresses. Those creative fashion sketches include such items as rose petals, various plants, even buildings. Now he’s back with new works that incorporate everyday food and drinks to bring his fashion illustrations to life. Each have now been turning into unique dresses that look as beautiful as haute couture.

Edgar starts each illustration by sketching a portrait of his subject with colour pencils. Then he fills in the patterns and designs of the dresses with wine droplets, strawberries, butter, fries and ketchup, and other food. His work to date includes food art masterpieces such as a magnificent spaghetti ball gown and a kiwi cocktail dress. He continues to incorporate a wide range of found objects, which are cleverly positioned on hand-drawn, posing models to create 3D ensembles worthy of the catwalk. Edgar is never short of inspiration, often finding it in the most unlikely places.

Fashion illustrations by Edgar Artis using lettuce to complete
Milk dress by Edgar Artis

In addition to sharing his fashion illustrations and playful sense of humour, the artist also aims to spread positive messages to his Instagram followers.

“I’m tired of seeing people who think princess stuff is beauty and perfection. I created a contemporary design [that] hides a beautiful message behind… It reminds me of a caterpillar who is about to transform into a beautiful butterfly and fly. Many people are afraid or shy of showing everyone what they are capable of.”

Take a look at a few more selections below:

Fashion illustrations by Edgar Artis using chocolate to complete
Designed with broccoli
Edgar Artis fashion design using M&M's

You can also follow his Instagram account for more brilliant fashion illustrations — each of his which receives tens of thousands of likes.