Infographic: 3 common time wasters at work

The majority of workers spend an average of eight hours every single working day sitting at their desks. So it’s not surprising that sometimes we don’t have the motivation to work. Some of the most common time wasters are pretty normal, like frequently checking email. Others, like watching and downloading porn at work are a bit more shocking.

That’s why Biz 3.0 has come up with an infographic that looks at the top three time wasters in the workplace. It’s okay to have some downtime, but when you’re wasting time at work, you’re also wasting your employers’ money; giving up opportunities to advance, and jeopardizing efficiency. However, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. We can all be time wasters. Take a look.

Infographic: 3 common time wasters at work

Most common time wasters

  1. Chatting with co-workers: Cutting out water cooler talk is probably the quickest and most surefire way to cut time wasting.
  2. Non-work related Internet surfing: 64% of workers visit non-work related websites everyday, with the majority being on social media.
  3. Useless meetings: 37% of workers felt that at least half the meetings they go to are a waste of time.

I know I’ve been in a few worthless meetings. Do you agree with the findings?


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