Start drooling over the world’s most expensive donut

Drop the galaxy donut and ditch that rainbow bagel. Instead of Instagramming your pastries to prove how trendy you are, why not flaunt this status symbol? Celebrating National Doughnut Week, Krispy Kreme UK unveiled the world’s most expensive donut.

Go beyond your standard glazed doughnuts topped and pick up a sweet bite that proves just how valuable you are. The world’s most expensive donut looks like a lotus flower and costs £1,000 (approx. $1435 CDN). The donut was presented at Selfridges’, London. It’s adorned by a gilded white chocolate lotus, festooned with edible diamonds; stuffed with Dom Pérignon champagne jelly and sprinkled with 24 karat gold leaf.

The world's most expensive donut contains 24 karat gold and edible diamonds

For anyone willing to shell out cash and accidentally drop this expensive donut, there are two consolations:

  1. Some of the proceeds benefit the Children’s Trust: a charity for children with brain injury.
  2. The donut also comes with a cocktail. It features a raspberry and passion fruit syrup, Courvoisier Cognac, and more Dom Perignon 2002.

The world's most expensive donut contains 24 karat gold and edible diamonds

The doughnut, which took three days to make, should give the purchaser a very good sugar rush. What are your thoughts? Would you pay £1,000 for a donut? How about the world’s most expensive hamburger?


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  1. simplydelish

    Wow I can’t believe there is such a thing as the most expensive doughnut! Thanks for sharing

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