Out-of-this-world galaxy donuts are delicious

A recent time ago, in a galaxy not so far far away… arrived the latest Instagram food craze. Prepare to be starry-eyed with the latest addition to the galaxy confection craze: the galaxy donut.

Galaxy donuts are the newest dessert capturing the attention of social media foodies. Also referred to as Nebula donuts because of their appearance, they’re leaving the rainbow food craze to fade into a black hole.

Iranian confectioner Hedi Gh posted a picture of her galaxy donuts that left everyone’s mouths watering. As a result, Australian vegan foodie @sobeautifullyraw Instagrammed a picture of her vegan galaxy donuts, complete with a recipe.

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Space Donut O'Clock 🦄 #vegan

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“They are colourful, visually attractive, a little out of this world and the recipe is relatively easy to follow,” says @sobeautifullyraw.

A bit of finessing with food colouring and edible glitter make galaxy donuts almost as easy to whip up as they are gobbled up. 

If you’re wondering where the galaxy trend first took off, it began a few years ago in the fashion industry. However, it seems like someone managed to figure out that applying it to food was lightyears better.

out-of-this-world-galaxy-donuts-1 out-of-this-world-galaxy-donuts-2

Finally, you can also view more of Hedi Gh’s creations here, and Sam’s creations here.

Source: http://www.boredpanda.com/galaxy-donuts/


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