Humorous middle class problems

As the middle class has grown, so have middle class problems. The online world is jammed full of parents and Millennials blogging about crises that are anything but. A life of privilege obviously brings hardships for many, like when “Starbucks all out of pumpkin spice, now I have to settle for a salted caramel mocha.”

And because life is hard, Buzzfeed has compiled a list of these middle class problems just for your entertainment. Taken from a Reddit thread, it shows some of the daily torments and struggles faced by members of the middle class.

Have you got to go to work even though you just started marathoning a new TV show? Ever struggled over which ice cream to purchase? Do you own so many remote controls that you can’t remember which ones work with which electronics? Don’t worry, you are not alone; take a look:

Humorous middle class problems: "Bought ice cream instead of sorbet"Humorous middle class problems: "My house is so big that I can't get WiFi in my bedroom"Humorous middle class problems: "I'm overqualified for all the jobs I want"Humorous middle class problems: "My dinner was delicious, but not pretty enough to Instagram"Humorous middle class problems: "My phone's on the sofa, so I can't browse the internet while I poop"Humorous middle class problems: "My electric toothbrush is out of battery, so I have to brush manually"Humorous middle class problems: "My HDTV is too big for my wall"Humorous middle class problems: "I'm hungry, but not for the food in my kitchen"Humorous middle class problems: "My wallet's too fat with change to fit in my pocket"

Are you facing the stress and struggles that many middle class people face everyday? Like this post if you suffer from any of these problems, or share some of your own middle class problems. You can also check out the struggles of life on Facebook.


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