How typography can help boost a brand

To creatives and designers, typography has never played a more crucial role to boost a brand than it does today. Your brand is more than a logo; it’s the emotion that consumers associate a brand with when using your product or service.

Chris Bennet, Creative Director at StartJG explains why typography is so important to branding design, and what functions it can perform. Here are four things that typography can do to boost a brand. Take a look:

Boost a brand by setting the mood

Typography can boost a brand by setting the mood

People are influenced both consciously and subconsciously by the way in which a brand uses type, even though it may be the image that grabs you initially. That’s why the typeface used must encompass everything about what and who a brand is; it can create emotion, enhance a theme, spark interest, add personality and even convey trust.

Typography works silently

Typography can boost a brand by being invisible

Good typography should go unnoticed. Consumers today are exposed to so much creative work that they have become desensitized to good typography. Yet, by not seeing it means that the chosen typeface makes sense within its creative surroundings.

Typography can boost a brand by conveys meaning

Typography can boost a brand by conveying meaning

As with fashion, typographic styles constantly change. However, the choice of font used should never be influenced by what’s trending or popular within the industry. Whichever typeface you choose has to have creative and commercial meaning, reasoning and purpose.

Typography changes perceptions

Typography can boost a brand by changing perceptions

The typographic choices boost a brand or have a serious effect on how people perceive a brand. The way people consume media today has dramatically changed with new technology. This means more and more content is consumed via smart devices and you need to consider how your choice of typography will look and feel on multiple platforms. It’s just as important as communicating the brand’s uniqueness through the use of colour, imagery or photography.

But don’t forget to have fun with it too. When choosing typefaces, don’t be afraid to work them in a new way. But make sure it’s still relevant to the overall message you want to communicate.