7 tools to use as a blogger

Content marketing can help you save up to 62% compared to traditional marketing. It also generates three times more prospects. As a result, blogging is a commodity in the modern business world, especially for small businesses

Blogging allows people to make money from their content. If you’re considering diving into the world of blogging, you need to be aware of the tools you can use. Below are seven blogging tools you need to use to market your business. 

Blog Name Generator

Your headline is one of the most important aspects of writing great content. Coming up with the right title can be difficult sometimes. Use this blog name generator to get creative ideas. Select your blog’s category, use related keywords, and get a fully customized name for your blog.


As you write your articles, you need to have a tool to take notes and keep ideas organized. Use this tool to take notes, attach documents, scan images, add voice memos, and save web pages, articles, and PDFs. With the free plan, you get access to 25MB in note size and a monthly upload limit of 60MB. If you wish to get the full plan, you can also access Evernote offline and get additional storage space and more note size allowance.


As a blogger, you also need an SEO tool. Ahrefs will help you optimize content by providing you with features for link tracking, keyword research, and more. The free version gives you access to a WordPress plug-in to start building your website.


Canva is an amazing tool you can use to create stunning visual assets for your blog. It comes with many pre-made templates for all different types of content formats.


Email marketing can help you quickly promote your blog and expand your business. You need a tool that will help you share and schedule your content. Mailchimp automatically sends emails, promotes sign-ups for newsletters, and lets you integrate your email marketing campaigns with social media. The free plan alone lets you add 2,000 contacts and send 10,000 monthly emails.


Trello lets you organize projects into boards for a visual content organization. You can add sticky notes, photos, and more. Trello is great for collaboration since you can add other people to your whiteboards.

Google Analytics

To succeed as a blogger, you must track and measure your performance. Google Analytics lets you track and report website traffic, audience interactions, and more. 

Browse through the infographic by WebsiteSetup below for more tips on how to make the most out of these blogging tools.

Infographic: The best tools to grow your blog this year

Getting started

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