The essential guide to easily writing a catchy headline

Do you want to know how to quickly write an attractive and catchy headline for your blog post? It’s one thing to write great content, but it’s another thing to get it read and ranked.

The headline is what sells the content. Therefore, no matter how well your story is, people won’t read it if there’s a boring title. Created specifically for writers and social media managers, this infographic by IntNetworkPlus teaches you how to write a compelling and catchy headline to attract your readers’ attention.

Accuracy is critical when trying to finesse a title, because it sets clear expectations for your readers. And according to the infographic, there are six simple templates which you can follow. You can always mix and match adjectives, numbers, verbs, and call-to-actions to create interesting titles that your readers will want to click. You can also use strong language. Strong phrases (and often negative ones) like “Things People Hate,” or “Brilliant” pack quite a punch.

Take a look at the infographic below and start easily writing your own catch headline.


Writing a good headline takes time and it doesn’t meet that it will get people’s attention. Hopefully these templates will help you when creating variations of your article headline and for social media posts. If you need help with the SEO part, there are tools out there to help – like Yoast SEO for WordPress.