What would life be like if office stock photos were real?

If you’re in advertising or design, chances are you’ve probably had to use office stock photos at one time or another. In fact, stock images are everywhere online; there’s the creative professional staring at a blank screen, the happy telemarketer flashing her brightest smile, and, who could forget, the women laughing alone with a salad?

It’s no secret that most office stock photos look incredibly generic and fake, but there are times when they might be your only option for your design.

But what if those office stock photos were actually real and people actually acted the way they’re portrayed in the images? YouTube channel Nacho Punch has taken these idealistic portrayals of office life and created a three-minute film imagining what life would be like if such absurd images existed in reality.

Stock Photos IRL

Now that you’ve seen the reality of stock images, take a look at what it would be like if stock videos had subtitles.

Source: http://petapixel.com/2015/06/19/this-is-what-office-stock-photos-would-be-like-in-real-life/

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