Emerging logo design trends to look for this year

A trend report by LogoLounge has revealed the some of the biggest visual styles and influences in logo design for 2015. The report also reveals how the advent of new digital devices has changed designers’ approaches to creating stylish, memorable logos.

Some of the key driving forces for evolvement in the world of logo design include the need for designers to adapt their visuals to a multitude of screen sizes. You need to be aware of the technological associations Millennials make with certain symbols.

In fact, a recent Pew Research Center report indicates that 91 percent of teenagers access information online through mobile devices. And because the world continues to be reduced to symbols, expect our communication to become more icon-based; this results in more common iconography that can cross language barriers.

The good news is that people are embracing creativity and are interested in design. Expect this generation to be more visually astute and capable of forming their own pathways. That means designers can experiment more and express their creativity. So, take a look at the biggest logo design trends to emerge so far this year:

The top emerging logo design trends

Dot tip logo design

Emerging logo design trends: Dot tip

To dull the sharpness of corners and edges, the additions of balls or circles bring closure and add additional weight to designs crafted wholly from lines. Dot tip moves the mono-line trend one step forward by adding the circles at each sharp tip. It brings back the essence of childhood playing connect dots.


Emerging logo design trends: Contours

Here designers have found a hybrid between simple one-colour iconic symbols and a more complex descriptive illustrative mark. By adding gradation and contours, highlights and shadow, yet limiting detail, keeps the marks just on this side of simplistic.

Concentrak logo design

Emerging logo design trends: Cencentrak styles

Patterns in any definition usually include the repetition of elements and allows the viewer to mentally complete a picture with only partial information. These delicate linear logos give you space for imagination to expand and finish the picture.


Emerging logo design trends: Sparkle

5-pointed stars usually have a nationalist or religious connotation. The 4-pointed star is more of a ‘happy star’, representing a twinkle or sparkle, so the 4-pointed star is being refitted and reintroduced with a less divisive host of symbolism.

Pick-up sticks logo design

Emerging logo design trends: Pick-up sticks

Randomness is an interesting concept though repeatedly dropping a fist full of pick-up-sticks will never create the same order twice–it nonetheless will create the same appearance each time.



Emerging logo design trends: Colouring styles

This logo design trend uses mono-line solutions that rely only on lines to define their subject and adding a nostalgic colouring book skills and a smart limited palette. The colours can represent anything you want; think symbolism here and let your imagination run wild. Just don’t colour outside the lines.

Circle break

Emerging logo design trends: Circle break

Imagine a pie chart with the centre taken out. These unbroken bands have many underlying meanings from continuity, to seamless process, to eternal perfection.


Emerging logo design trends: Trixelate

What happens if you turn a triangle into a pixel? Full of diverse scale and with floating pieces, this logo design trend portrays motion and the story of process. It demonstrates a scientific quality and technology, much as a pixel would.

Photo logo design

Emerging logo design trends: Photo logos

Using a photo for a logo design isn’t a brand new trend. These logo designs are created with the same symbolic language we might use in a traditional logo, but using photo imagery instead of a graphic or a sketch. Images lift off the page and are often blended with other graphic components to complete the mark.


Emerging logo design trends: Rays

Master painters and artisans throughout history have created an ethereal radiance behind their subjects to indicate importance or a call for reverence. To demonstrate this in a graphic manner they used an array of vectors emanating from a central point.

Naive logo design style

Emerging logo design trends: Naive

This logo design style creates figural imagery that have the spontaneity and whimsy of a child’s drawing. Take that and merge it with the insight and subtle design nuances of a mature rendering and you have a naive logo style.


Emerging logo design trends: Coded logos

These marks are for the theorists that have forever believed identity designers are craftily inserting conspiratorial or hidden messages in their work. These designs symbolize many working together as one, demonstrated by dots and dashes in orderly parallel lines, achieves a common objective.

Chroma Coaster

Emerging logo design trends: Chroma Coaster

Using a single continuous line to swerve, tip and twist it’s way into a logo is a time-tested tool for designers. Quick and to the point these marks often rely on a line break or shadow at intersections to read well.

Detailed logo design

Emerging logo design trends: detailed styles

A single thin line can be a beautiful thing to behold. Unless it can’t hold it’s own when scaled down. Designers are resorting to whimsical patterns to add weight to their work. Embellishment is still possible, however it can be selected to enhance the mark by reflecting patterns of the culture, industry, or aesthetic.

Shaded logo design

Emerging logo design trends: Shaded logos

Shadows provide immense amounts of information to tell our subconscious to gauge distance, differentiate texture and identify light sources. There’s absolutely nothing new about the use of the dimensional shadow, but designers are embracing the inclusion of this technique in record numbers.

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