What to expect with logo trends for 2018

You can often tell the era in which a logo was created by the fonts, colours, and styles used. Recognizing which logo trends will withstand the test of time is an essential part of choosing a style which feels fresh, relevant, and reflects the brand. 

A lot of unique styles have already begun to appear in graphic design in 2018. Not covered yet, though, are the styles that could potentially take over the logo design landscape. In the following infographic by vector stock website VEXELS, created for web design and developer resource InstantShift, it lists 7 logo trends. Some of which are already being used by brands such as Audi, which announced its major digital first redesign, and home décor brand Houzz, whose logo draws inspiration from architecture. 

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Infographic: 2018 logo trends

2018 logo trends

Experimental typography

From serif to sans serif, typography has always been subject to experimentation; from the development of new typographic shapes to the modification of typefaces using illustrative or photographic techniques. In 2018 we should see continued experimentation in typography. Both innovative concepts and new realizations will show us how pre-existing technology can apply to this medium.

Form simplification and responsiveness

To provide a comprehensive user experience across multiple mediums, a true responsive design isn’t limited to context or shrinking content on a page. Subtle design considerations, such as the icons and logos should also be flexible enough to follow similar contextual responsive principles. Therefore, designers need to strip their designs to the basics to make sure it works in different contexts.

Architectural inspiration

While basing a logo design off architectural design is nothing new, it’s resurgence in popularity has come in clever, innovative ways. As we move into an increasingly digital world, designers are finding ways not only to capture the look of architectural landmarks, but also how to incorporate the concepts behind the physical manifestation of the brand through their visual interpretation.

Having fun

Fun sells almost as well as sex. And while fun has always been a staple in logo design, the current state of uncertainty in the world might be inspiring people to counteract its negativity with more fun and playful designs than ever. Fun logo trends comes in the form of bright colours, good vibes and cute characters. So, add whimsical details or custom typographic elements to your designs and make 2018 a year that makes you smile.

Layering and colour

To achieve richer, more visually interesting logo designs, mask and layer colours and patterns to include and, sometimes, selectively reveal more content and meaning inside a design’s basic shapes. It’s a sophisticated techniques that’s often subtle and can easily go under the radar. With that said, this technique has a lot of room for experimentation in both abstract and conceptual approach.

Geometric shapes

Logo designs have recently been getting back to basics, focusing on fundamental geometric shapes. Look at some of the advantages of this style—like branding versatility, easy readability and instant impact. A well-executed geometric logo can make an everlasting impact and get remembered easily. Therefore, you should expect to see designers playing more with shapes and geometric styles in 2018. 

Simple typography and monograms

Designers are honing their skills with classic typefaces of the past; this involves giving precise attention to the basic parameters of logo typography: typeface choice, kerning and letter-spacing. Simple typographies paired with monograms give an elegant look to the design and works great with form simplification logo trends too.

Now that you’ve seen what to expect in logo trends for 2018, take a look back at the styles from 2017. Or, if you want to test your logo design skills against other designers, check out Design Contest. There you can compete in the logo design contests of your choice for the chance to win the job and get paid.

Source: https://www.digitalinformationworld.com/2018/03/2018-logotrends-infographic.html

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