7 logo design trends expected to emerge in 2017

There is no perfect recipe when creating a logo for a new company. Influenced by the existing brand identity, how do you find inspiration for a logo when there is none? Well, it can sometimes be found the company’s ideology and its core beliefs. However, it can also be influenced by yearly logo design trends. That’s why Dubai Monsters has created an infographic that gives us seven of the expected logo design trends to emerge in 2017.

It’s important for designers know about emerging design trends, so you keep updated with the likes and dislikes of audiences. Many big brands end up revamping their logos every few years, if only to fascinate consumers. In 2017, expect to witness logo design trends such as minimalism, negative space, and kinetic logos continuing to strengthen and become popular.

So the questions are, do you want a logo that instantly get your customer attention? Or want to get your logo redesigned to make it more appealing? If yes, then check out Dubai Monsters’ infographic on logo design trends for 2017 below and tell us what you think.

Infographic: 7 logo design trends that will emerge in 2017

1. Minimalism

According to Leonardo Da Vinci, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Thus, it’s the simplest of the logo designs that catches the eye of the customer and drives them towards your brand. Why? Because minimalist logo designs are very practical and at the same time they are purpose driven.

2. Line Art

First emerging back in 2015, it’s sustained its position in the industry and is likely to peak in 2017. Using a consistent thickness of lines with only one solid colour incorporated, it can be used by brands who wish to establish themselves as fun, modern and laid back. Moving forward, there will be excellent opportunities for designers to find creative ways to incorporate negative spacing into their line art designs.

3. Negative Space

This style of designing has emerged in recent years to become very popular on social media sites and many big brands. They’re smart, clever, witty and most importantly have a very high recall value. Some of the best examples of these designing styles FedEx, and the WWF.

4. Handwritten

These logo design trends connects the brand with the customer at an intimate level. This style delivers a personal touch, authenticity and warmth. These are designs mostly popular with the food industry such as coffee shops, restaurants.

5. Vintage Designs

Customers have strong emotions and memories connected with the past. Therefore a vintage logo will often speak to them in a way that a modern one never will. This logo design trend can often convey a sense of authenticity, as well as a sense of authority within the market.

6. Flat Logos

Flat logo designs will continue to dominate and not because they look clean and forthright; but because they register better in print or online. Companies using this logo design trend can lessen or simplify their design elements, making them easily identifiable.

7. Kinetic Logos

Kinetic logos are those where some elements change, while others remain the same. This style is always presenting something new yet is always recognizable. One example is Google, where the text stays the same yet the logo can often be seen with different images incorporated into the background. Kinetic logos makes a company seem diverse and allow companies to incorporate relevant characteristics into their logo.

There are a great number of brands competing for consumer attention, so it has never been more important to build the right brand for your business. Check out six steps to creating a captivating personal logo.

Source: http://www.dubaimonsters.ae/blog/infographics/logo-design-trends-in-2017/

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