Is imposter syndrome affecting your earning potential?

Imposter syndrome is that annoying feeling of self-doubt you may feel every time you reach a new level of success.

Doritos campaign removes logo to appeal to Gen Z

Doritos has made the unprecedented decision of dropping its name, logo and tagline to appeal to Gen Z.

Millennial parents are naming their kids based on available domains

Forget the baby books, there’s a new way to get baby name inspiration. According to a new study, Millennial parents are naming their kids based on available domain names.

What are the work habits of Millennials that form the majority of the workforce?

As more and more Millennials entering the workforce and assume management positions, you may notice changes in workplace culture. Why? Because there are distinct differences between generational work styles, expectations, and career perspectives.

The truth behind glamorous Instagram photos

Social media is full of sad, lonely people pretending they are okay and perfectly fine attention-seekers pretending to be sad. Instagram photos are the most deceptive when it comes to faking our lives.

Learn the reason why we pretend to be busy

Chances are that throughout your day someone has asked you, “hey, are you busy?“ And whether you were or not, your answer was probably yes. But why?

Emerging logo design trends to look for this year

A trend report by LogoLounge has revealed the some of the biggest visual styles and influences in logo design for 2015. The report also reveals how the advent of new digital devices has changed designers’ approaches to creating stylish, memorable logos.

How different generations consume content online

When marketers think about online behaviours, Millennials typically receive more attention than other generations. While Millennials are the social media generation, you shouldn’t rule out other generations—like Gen X—when marketing online.

Discover the work habits of Millennials

Sorry bosses, a new breed of worker is attacking everything you hold sacred—from giving orders, to your starched white shirt and tie. They’re called Millennials (or Generation Y); born between 1980 and 1995, they’re rapidly taking over jobs from baby boomers who are now entering retirement.

PepsiCo launches old-fashioned artisanal Caleb’s Kola

PepsiCo has released a new, retro, artisanal cola product. Aimed at Millennial consumers, Caleb’s Kola is for those who have been gravitating towards products using pure and simple ingredients. Thus giving it an authentic and honest feeling.