Burger King launches illustrated Christmas packaging

With the Christmas season kicking into high gear, Burger King has announced their limited edition packaging for the festive holiday. The illustrated packaging features several colourful motifs.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: What have we learned?

Boxing Day was once the time for shopping deals to be found, but that has changed. Black Friday, once a one day tradition for bargains, now stretches from American Thanksgiving until the following Monday, now referred to as Cyber Monday.

What shoppers want and where they’ll go to buy it

This year, the hope is the lower Canadian dollar will help convince both Canadians and Americans that the best deals lie north of the border.

What to do when a client rejects your designs

You and your team have invested hours into research, insight and come up with a presentation that will blow the client away. When it comes to present the designs, you’re excited to share what you’ve all been working to show. When you’re through, you gauge…

Powerful ads warn about the dangers of child neglect

Child neglect comes in many forms. Unfortunately, behaving negligent with a child also encourages bigger problems.

This beautiful sand clock is inspired by Zen gardens

The past, present, and future is exist as one. Yet, as a species, humans are obsessed with our perceived passage of time; its become our master. This sand clock, inspired by Zen gardens, is a calming and creative representation of both time and space. 

15 Ridiculous things people have put on their résumé

No résumé is perfect, but is everything on your resume 100% accurate? Most employers don’t think so. In fact, they’re becoming increasingly skeptical of what candidates claim about their skills and work history.

The truth behind glamorous Instagram photos

Social media is full of sad, lonely people pretending they are okay and perfectly fine attention-seekers pretending to be sad. Instagram photos are the most deceptive when it comes to faking our lives.

Clean your digital house with National Unfriend Day

Have you ever scrolled through your list of Facebook friends and realized you don’t recognize half the names popping up in your News Feed? If that’s the case, I’d like to wish you a happy National Unfriend Day!

5 habits that make you look unprofessional

Do one or more of your colleagues behave unprofessionally at work, leaving you to question how they even still have a job? We’re all creatures of habit and it’s hard to change the behaviours we’ve become accustomed to. But like I’m sure your mother said, “There’s a time…

A designer’s perspective vs that of non-designers

A designer’s perspective versus that of a non-designer can be a bit different. We see the world from a different point of view; the good and the bad.

Purchasing habits of the wealthy and very rich

How much do you need to make in a year to be considered wealthy? While most Americans have varying ideas on the subject, most say you need to bring in at least $1 million per year.