This beautiful sand clock is inspired by Zen gardens

The past, present, and future is exist as one. Yet, as a species, humans are obsessed with our perceived passage of time; its become our master. This sand clock, inspired by Zen gardens, is a calming and creative representation of both time and space. 

The London-based duo, also known as Studio Ayaskan, have created a beautiful sand clock called SAND. It was inspired by the ripple patterns of Zen gardens. The sand clock shows the passing of time using the formation of concentric circles.

Ripples of Time: Sand Clock

The clock has only one sweeping hand that gradually creates the ripples in the sand to represent morning hours and flattens them to represent the afternoon and evening. Studio Ayaskan hopes that by allowing natural materials to be shaped by time, we can be reminded of its passing.

Ripples of Time: Sand Clock

Now, it’s important to note that in order to tell the actual time using the sand clock, you’ll need to already know what the hour is. So you might actually end up getting more stressed by thinking that you’re an hour late for a meeting. There are no alarms, bells, or whistles, no digital numbers or apps that control it. There’s only one hand that has its movement restricted to the concise circular arc. Yet, this sand clock will help you understand time better by replicating the landscapes and cycles that normally occur in nature.

Ripples of Time: Sand Clock

“Time and space and gravitation have no separate existence from matter.” Albert Einstein

You can watch the video below to see the clock in action, and click here, to find out more about SAND.

Ripples of Time: Sand Clock

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