TODAY: A beautiful, minimalistic 24-hour clock

Scott Thrift is the inventor of THEPRESENT — a 365-day clock that tells the story of the seasons using subtle gradients of pure colour to mark the Equinoxes & Solstices. The award-winning media artist and horologist has now created a follow-up to his clock called TODAY — a timepiece that will change the way people see their day.

This 24-hour clock divides a day by the amount of brightness associated with certain hours. That brightness is conveyed by varying degrees of the colour blue on a carefully considered spectral gradient. Noon, midnight, 6 am and 6 pm are all self-evident. Everything in between can be interpreted simply as day or night.

TODAY clock by Scott Thrift

TODAY‘s numberless design moves at half the speed of a regular clock and is meant to expand users’ perception of time. How? By focusing on the day as a whole, which helps to minimalize the anxiety associated with the passage of seconds and minutes. While it might not get people to meetings on time, most people rely on phones for that anyway. This is an item that shows the passing of time can be beautiful, rather than oppressive or distressing.

Scott explains, “I’ve lived with a prototype of TODAY now for a year and it has been a transformative experience. The day has become wider and more fulfilling. [It] makes so much sense and feels so right that it’s become a foregone conclusion to make it available to the world.”

TODAY desktop clock

TODAY‘s unique 24-hour movement was engineered and assembled in Germany. Scott started a Kickstarter campaign to help with manufacturing with plans to have three different constructions: a five-inch desk clock and two different 11-inch sizes. To learn more about TODAY, you can visit Scott’s website or watch his Kickstarter video about the project below.

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