Memes that highlight the real struggles of designers

Working as a designer isn’t as glorified as many of us like to make it out to be. Sure we sit behind our fancy computers with huge screens, designing pretty images; however working in design can also be one of the most stressful, involving and cutting edge…

Psychological tips and tricks to get clients to buy your idea

As creatives who have to deal with clients, we all face one difficult and uncomfortable situation in our careers. You already have the project, so this isn’t about convincing them to pick you for the job. This is about guiding the client to accept that…

Discover amazingly delicate and detailed hand-cut paper art

I’ve previously posted about intricate hand-carved artworks made of paper before. However, this amazingly detailed hand-cut paper art from Japanese artist Mr. Riu is just as impressive, if not more.

Clear jelly flower lipstick contains real flowers inside

Kailijumei's clear jelly flower lipstick is all the rage and contains gold specks and real dried flowers.

Common Photoshop mistakes and how to avoid them

As the industry standard, Photoshop is a powerful image editing tool for designers. There are lots of Photoshop resources around to help us keep on top of thing, including handy tutorials. But in the wrong hands it can affect quality and make things less productive.

Subway passengers captured like 16th century paintings

If you ride the subway to work or school, you probably encounter different types of people. Some of those people are tourists who don’t speak very good english (although some people who speak english don’t do it well either). Then there’s that whisper-fighting couple where you catch every fifth…

Illustrations portray the death of unlucky cartoons

Dark humour or black comedy makes light of serious, disturbing and/or taboo subject matter. And it also happens to be the subject of some of Illustrator Ben Chen’s work.

Pepsi 1893: A new artisanal soda for Hipsters

This new premium soda brand by Pepsi is trying to tap into the mixology trend.

FlexibleLove chair expands like an accordion up to 30 feet

Why have multiple seats when all you need is one single shape-shifting chair/couch/bench.

Which beers to pair with your favourite ice cream this summer

Baskin-Robbins and All About Beer Magazine have teamed up to honour dads in a frosty and flavourful way.

Talking cat collar turns kitty’s meows into speech

Temptations Lab has made a cat collar prototype that turns a cat's meows into human speech.

Amazingly delicate, life-like origami creations

Origami is adding a Spanish influence with these amazingly creations by Gonzalo Garcia Calvo.