Amazingly delicate, life-like origami creations

It’s believed the first paper might have been brought to 6th century Japan by Buddhist monks. The first real mention of the origami art-form comes from a reference in a 1680 poem. Traditional the art allowed for irregularly shaped pieces of paper and some cutting. 100 years later, the influence of German techniques meant that those who make origami creations now preferred folding with no cutting.

I’ve always found origami creations fascinating; seeing the detail that can be created with a single piece of paper. That’s why I thought that Madrid-based origami enthusiast Gonzalo García Calvo‘s amazing gift for creating impressive animals and objects with paper was worth a mention.


Gonzalo works professionally as a musician, but enjoys the challenge of bringing paper to life with lovely origami creations. Using a wide variety of techniques, Gonzalo can replicate many designs by top origami artists.

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If you’d like to see more, head over here to view more of his impressive origami creations. If you adept at folding paper into beautiful forms, why not share some with us here or on social media.


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