Handmade paper toys you squeeze, drop or tap for a fun surprise

Haruki constructs his whimsical creatures with a paper twist, and each figure’s movements are prompted by human touch.

Matthew Shlian turns paper into stunning geometric art

Combining a talent for sculpture with a knack for engineering, artist Matthew Shlian takes simple paper sheets and creates amazing geometric sculptures.

Amazingly delicate, life-like origami creations

Origami is adding a Spanish influence with these amazingly creations by Gonzalo Garcia Calvo.

This book shows you how to fold sex-themed origami

If you really want to impress people with artistic paper folding skills beyond making paper airplanes, origami is the way to go. Origami is the art of paper folding and normally features animals shapes, flowers, and other designs. However, if standard origami is a bit too boring…

Beautifully crafted 3D paper sculptures by Richard Sweeney

English artist Richard Sweeney has created an impressive collection of beautifully crafted paper sculptures. Ranging from intricate geometric origami to wonderfully expressive figure sculptures, his intricate pieces are inspired by architecture and nature.

Witty, offensive cards that fold out into awesome greetings

Receiving greeting cards from a loved ones makes every holiday or celebration that much more special. But how would you react if that card said Santa Hates You? If you’re sick and tired of those cliché greetings, you’ll just love these!