Talking cat collar turns kitty’s meows into speech

Is your cat trying to tell you something? According to Arden Moore, author of The Cat Behaviour Answer Book, cats are capable of making at least 30 sounds. Cats also have at least 19 variations on the simple meow. In an attempt to bridge the gap between cat owners and their felines, Temptations Lab has made a cat collar prototype that turns kitty’s meows into human speech.

The Temptations CATTERBOX™, built in partnership with London ad agency adam&eveDDB, contains a microphone, speaker, Bluetooth technology and wifi.

Temptations global brand director Pete Simmons explained to Adweek, “We’re fascinated by cats, so we set out on a mission to get to know them better.”

CATTERBOX by Temptations Lab

There’s no guarantee, however, that what the cat collar translates is really what your cat is trying to say. The 3D-printed collars come in four colours and are coated in rubber lacquer for comfort. And last month the prototypes launched in both the US and New Zealand.

“Through research, we learned that an adult cat’s meow is their way to communicate with humans and, by investing in this prototype device, we can start to improve understanding between them both — giving cats a voice for the very first time. At the Temptations brand, we are passionate about bringing cats and owners together. We have always done this through our treats, but we wanted to go one step further.”

The world’s first talking cat collar

Take a look at the cat collar technology via the videos below. Who knows, you might also like to discover the reasons behind your cat’s weird behaviours.


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