Intricate, 3D lace-patterned sculptures of animals

Patrick Cabral has taken his love of paper sculptures to another level. The newest series by the Philippines-based artist features three white animals detailed with elements of black and gold. They include a tiger, an elephant, and a quetzal bird. The animal sculptures, which are made from MDF (medium-density fibreboard), were created for Starbucks Philippines and represents the region from where the coffee company sources its beans.

The long and narrow trunk of Cabral’s elephant is completed with a dazzling linear adornment in gold, while a red nose serves as a stylistic outlier for a whiskered tiger. The multi-layered sculptures are cut by hand and incorporate decorative lace patterns into the face of each animal.

Lace-patterned bird by Patrick Cabral
Tiger 3D animal sculpture
Patrick Cabral elephant sculpture

3D animal sculptures

Patrick’s multilayered animal portraits look amazing in photographs, but they’re no doubt even more impressive in real life. However, if you can’t make it to the Philippines to marvel at their complex, 3D form, Patrick has turned to digital media to create a 3D photo of his work. Using Facebook’s 3D photo rendering platform, online viewers are able to scroll over a photo of the sculptures to see them from multiple angles and fully appreciate their depth.

“My goal is to provide people with a new way to experience my work when they are not able to see it in person. I am also trying to see how far a 3D photo can go. Each photo consists of the actual photo and a customized depth map to create the 3D effect.”

As viewers scroll over the image with a computer mouse or trackpad, details emerge from each piece, showcasing the beauty of their 3D lace patterns. Scroll down to check out the 3D photos of Patrick’s animal sculptures, and see more from his growing portfolio on his website.