Coca-Cola transforms logo to point to recycling bins

Coca-Cola wants its drinkers to taste the feeling of being environmentally conscious. Back in the day, they wanted to buy the world a bottle of its famous soft drink, but now it wants to encourage people to recycle. The brand’s iconic ribbon has been made functional by becoming a wayfinding sign in hopes that the added clarity would encourage more people to toss their disposable bottles and cans in recycling bins.

Coca-Cola's The Sign campaign

The campaign, which is going on in central and eastern Europe, was spearheaded by advertising and public relations agency Publicis Italy. Boldly named The Sign, it plays with the familiar white ribbon on a red background usually seen on Coca-Cola bottles and cans. In the posters and billboards, this ribbon warps into a hand that literally points people to recycling stations where they can dispose of their litter with peace of mind. The Sign ties into Coca-Cola’s eco promise of making 100% of its packaging recyclable by 2025. By 2030, Coca-Cola also wants to be able to return every single bottle and can it puts out.

Coke logo points to recycling bins
Coke logo points to recycling bins

The campaign was created following research that people would actively do their part in upkeeping Earth if they knew where to locate recycling bins. As such, the billboards were also placed in highly visible spots where more passersby are expected. And early results from the campaign are positive. Having made their debut at a Bulgarian music festival, the Happy Energy Tour, the posters contributed to a recycling rate of 85% for Coca-Cola cans.

While it’s a good first step, some have been left unimpressed by the campaign and think Coca-Cola should be making greater steps to counterbalance the waste created by its products. What are your thoughts? Share them below or on social media.