Memes that highlight the real struggles of designers

Working as a designer isn’t as glorified as many of us like to make it out to be. Sure we sit behind our fancy computers with huge screens, designing pretty images; however working in design can also be one of the most stressful, involving and cutting edge jobs out there. That’s why art director Matt Warren has created a collection of memes that all designers should find familiar.


Using the popular ‘crying meme girl’, his series captures the real struggles and grievances that designers all over the world experience on a regular basis. For example, ‘when the accounting side blames you for a type… but no one else on the team wanted to proofread.’

Check some of them out below, or visit his website for the rest.

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Now that you know a few of the real struggles of designers, find out what not to say to us. You can also find out more about the life of a designer.