Clear jelly flower lipstick contains real flowers inside

Beauty trends come and go, however, the internet is currently obsessed with out-of-the-ordinary beauty products. And the launch of Chinese-based beauty brand Kailijumei‘s clear jelly flower lipstick is all the rage. There are many things unique about this lipstick, the first of which is that it contains real dried flowers inside. Suspended in clear jelly, the lipstick also has gold specks inside and comes in three shades. Although they’re more like lip gels or glosses.

The three clear jelly flower lipstick options are Minute Maid, Pink Barbie Power and Flame Red. There’s also a lip balm. When applied to the lips, the lipstick has a light pink tint that changes colours depending on your temperature and body pH — kind of like a mood ring for your lips, except with varying shades of pink.

Kailijumei clear jelly flower lipstick

These jelly flower lipsticks remind me of the rose under glass from Beauty & the Beast. I’m unaware of any correlation with the upcoming film, though. Kailijumei’s flower lipsticks are, however, flying off the shelves nonetheless. They retail for US$30 online but for the most part, are sold out a lot of the time. You can still pre-order or put in a bid on eBay, where they’re going for a discount at US$4 a pop.

Kailijumei clear jelly flower lipstick

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