FlexibleLove chair expands like an accordion up to 30 feet

If you have a small space but love to entertain, then you need the FlexibleLove chair. This versatile chair, which is made from recycled paper, wood fibres, unfolds like an accordion to enable users to modify its shape and length. Sure, you could have multiple chairs, but who wants to bother when all you need is one single shape-shifting chair/couch/bench. 

FlexibleLove starts as a flat, stackable, easily portable package, then expands more than ten times its original size when you pull on either end. It appears remarkably easy to manipulate, and somehow stays in place when you curl it into an s-shape or bend one end to the ground.

Chair expands like an accordion

The FlexibleLove chair doesn’t weigh much — only 66 pounds — but it’s strong enough to support more than 4,000 pounds, even when fully expanded. Its strength comes from its paper honeycomb structured design, which is widely used in construction. And even though it’s essentially recycled cardboard, it’s built to last.

Paper honeycomb structure for strength

Designed in Taiwan, the FlexibleLove series is available in Marble White, Lava Black and Earth Brown. While this flexible chair measures just 6 inches across when fully collapsed, it can extend up to 30 feet and sit approximately 20 people. If you don’t need a chair that large, however, you can also get smaller versions of the FlexibleLove chair which seat up to five people — expanding to almost 12 feet.

FlexibleLove chair forms multiple shapes and lengths

While it doesn’t look like the most comfortable seating arrangement in the world, it’s still clever and elegantly simplistic. If flexible furniture is your thing, then find out how you can create your own with interlocking sticks. For more information regarding the FlexibleLove chair, visit their website.

Source: http://www.flexiblelove.com/

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