Pepsi 1893: A new artisanal soda for Hipsters

The line between soda and alcohol marketing has begun to blur. Soda giant PepsiCo. has just announced their latest product, Pepsi 1893, made especially for hipsters. This new premium soda brand is trying to tap into the mixology trend.

“We were inspired by the mixology craze,” said Chad Stubbs, VP of marketing for the Pepsi trademark. “We absolutely see this as a perfect standalone beverage or a perfect complement to cocktails.”

Packaged in black and gold 8 oz. cans, the soda is catered to source-conscious consumers. The artisanal soda contains kola nut extract, certified fair trade sugar, and sparkling water. A ginger cola version includes real ginger. Pepsi also hopes to tap into the food culture that is perpetuated in social media.

Pepsi 1893

“We knew there was a space to introduce a cola that is part of this taste journey that consumers are wanting to go on.”

Pepsi 1893’s launch comes as beer marketers tap into the range of new pop-like flavoured hard sodas. The artisanal sodas are nonalcoholic, however. Through a separate venture called the Kola House, Pepsi is getting into the bar business. The first venue opens in New York City’s Meatpacking District and is described as a kola bar, restaurant, lounge and event space.

Perhaps hipsters can enjoy this soda in their mason jars, which would probably make a great Instagram photo, too. You can also check out Pepsi’s other artisanal soda, Caleb’s Kola.


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