Pepsi blurs boundaries with new coffee-cola drink

Need an afternoon pick-me-up? Pepsi Café has nearly twice the caffeine as regular Pepsi.

Pepsi 1893: A new artisanal soda for Hipsters

This new premium soda brand by Pepsi is trying to tap into the mixology trend.

Pepsi debuts a series of Prestige Bottles and accessories

During Milan Design Week, Pepsi unveiled Mix It Up exhibit to showcase their Prestige Bottle designs.

PepsiCo launches old-fashioned artisanal Caleb’s Kola

PepsiCo has released a new, retro, artisanal cola product. Aimed at Millennial consumers, Caleb’s Kola is for those who have been gravitating towards products using pure and simple ingredients. Thus giving it an authentic and honest feeling.