Innovative levitating timepiece counts by minutes, hours, or even years

Swedish innovation and design company FLYTE works to create levitating art and design products to inspire people all over the world. And now they’ve unveiled a unique levitating timepiece that seeks bring the idea of time back to its physical routes.

The levitating timepiece, named STORY, marks the passage of time with a levitating chrome sphere that glides the clock’s orbit via magnetism.

“STORY is a metaphor of our planet revolving around the sun; reminding us that time is not just something we keep hidden in our pocket, but a physical and shared experience.”

Instead of thinking about time in bursts of five minutes or half an hour, STORY reminds us that time is a physical experience. Orbits can be changed to count time by the minute, hour, or even year. This levitating timepiece can be used in its most basic sense as a 12 hour clock, with a backlit digital display to show the exact time. However it has three different modes: Journey, which counts time based on special life events; Clock; and Timer.


The sphere can levitate when the clock is placed horizontally, vertically and even at a 60-degree angle. Thus, the purpose of STORY’s design is to change our perspective on how we look at the passing of hours.

The design comes with either an ash or walnut base, which can be illuminated by a backlit display. And the mode, time and display can also be easily controlled by a smartphone from the STORY app.

The team has currently surpassed its goal on Kickstarter to put this levitating timepiece into production. And if you like this, check out a 24 hour minimalist clock that previously launched on Kickstarter.


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