IKEA ads cleverly remind us of product affordability

There’s probably a good chance you have at least one item from IKEA somewhere in your home — maybe more. Their products are modern, attractive, and while often difficult to put together, affordable. That’s why IKEA Saudi Arabia asked their ad agency, Memac Ogilvy & Mather, to create a reminder to their customers about how affordable their furniture really is. After all, it’s not everywhere that people can get beautiful Scandinavian design for the price of a coffee.

Fjellse: It's that affordable

“IKEA. It’s that affordable.”

Working with the affordability angle, Memac Olgilvy & Mather created the following simple — but brilliant — ad campaign called “IKEA. It’s that affordable.” 

IKEA Lampan

The campaign reminds people that beautiful Scandinavian design is as affordable as the least expensive things in their daily lives. Instead of using monetary values, IKEA compared their products to the cost of coffee, toothpaste, soda cans and stamps. Together the items make for a complete image of the furniture, just like a jigsaw puzzle.

This visually striking new currency shows IKEA’s affordability in a whole new way. Take a look at the rest of the campaign below and let us know your thoughts on this campaign. Do they get the message across clearly?

IKEA Finnby. It's that affordable.
The affordability of IKEA's Selje