IDEA is an IKEA parody that stocks items they would never think of

Swedish giant IKEA has successfully turned flat-pack furniture into the gold standard for household products. With hundreds of stores in dozens of countries, the Swedish brand sells a multitude of different items, including furniture for pets.

After more than 75 years in business, there was eventually going to be parodies of IKEA’s concepts. Teaming up with 17 designers from six countries, Italian industrial designer Niklas Jacob has created a parody that imagines a “design supermarket” featuring everyday, self-assembly items that these stores might have never stocked.

“You can furnish your entire home with IKEA products, so I invited designers from different nations to reflect on this to make an ironic piece that should follow the philosophy of the flatpack,” says Niklas.

Their series of satirical flat-packed products, created for Milan design week, are designed in the style of IKEA furniture. Called the IDEA project, it’s a reflection on the increasing popularity of furniture superstores—IKEA in particular. The IDEA collection is made up of 18 flat-pack products, each accompanied by an IKEA-style catalogue.

“I wanted to create a design exhibition on the concept of the supermarket, because we have seen these changes in the furniture industry, from specialized businesses to superstores.”

Items you would never think of



HÄLLELUJA is a multifunctional piece made comfortable for various activities and positions, whether for prayer or for moments of intimacy.


BJÄBB by IDEA, an IKEA parody

An all-in-one carrier for small dogs, it has an exposed front to offer your pup sweeping views during walks, as well as an adjustable rear to fit its tail. When settled on the ground, it opens up to become a resting spot.


HANS & GRETA by IDEA, an IKEA parody

Inspired by the fairytale Hansel and Gretel, this cage-like playpen isn’t so much for children as it is for parents who need some quality alone time.



This closet is made to “comfortably” hide your lover in when your partner unexpectedly returns home. There’s a slot to hold “time-killing” objects with, a door that extends to become a desk, and a foldable seat. Not to mention, a peephole to ensure the coast is clear.


DIÄT by IDEA, an IKEA parody

On a no-food diet? The special ‘DIÄT’ table prevents you from succumbing to food temptations. In fact, it makes it impossible to eat at all.


JÄVLA by IDEA, an IKEA parody

Not for the faint of heart, ‘JÄVLA’ is a game for risk-taking kids who fantasize about spending their lives in a circus.

View more amusing designer-created items from the collection and more of Niklas’ artworks on his website.