IKEA renames products after frequently Googled problems their products solve

For those searching through endless pages on Google for relationship advice, be wary. IKEA may be using your search queries for inspiration in their new brand campaign, ‘Retail Therapy’.

Swedish agency Åkestam Holst’s clever marketing campaign has renamed IKEA’s products after the most commonly Googled relationship problems in Sweden. The campaign puts the company’s products right into the heart of its renowned tagline “Where Life Happens”.

It’s a smart and funny SEO play, but these aren’t just any queries. Each one refers to a relationship problem and is tied to a product that it can seemingly solve. For example, “My mom can’t cook” leads viewers to a stainless steel microwave oven; while “My family doesn’t respect me” guides one to a white queen costume, which you can surprisingly find at IKEA.

At the base of each landing page, Retail Therapy shortlists related relationship problems. So this way you can continue browsing for items that might be close to what you need. Thankfully, the brand isn’t asking us to take their retail therapy all that seriously. Watch their video below:

Conveniently, searches for terms like “He can’t say he loves me” will lift IKEA’s ads to the top of the Google Adwords pile. Thus, making a visibility coup so clever that it’s hard to hold a grudge. And it’s not the first time Ikea surprises us with their brilliant ideas; check out their ‘It’s that affordable‘ campaign.

Source: http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/ikea-renamed-products-after-frequently-googled-problems-those-products-solve-175005