Fake animal facts left all over Los Angeles Zoo

California-based comedian Jeff Wysaski, who goes by the handle Obvious Plant, has recently pranked the public. If you happened to visit the Los Angeles Zoo recently, you may have spotted some rather unusual facts regarding some of the animals.

Wysaski distributed fake animal facts around the zoo and made the signs look as realistic as possible. The realistic signs were accomplished by using a large picture of the animal and some fake animal facts, then placed the zoo’s logo at the bottom. He also left his trademark of an Obvious Plant logo at the bottom as well.


He certainly made the zoo more interesting by educating visitors. For example, did you know that owls are related to the TV series Friends, or do you know why penguins wear tuxedos.


“I was somewhat bored with these more traditional humor avenues, so I started looking for something new,” Wysaski told FastCoCreate. “Late last year, I hit on the idea of ‘street humour’ — for lack of a better term. I’d done a bit of this in the past. But the more I thought about it, the more ideas I had. So I felt the project warranted its own name and website.”

This isn’t the first time that Wysaski has pranked Californian residents. Last year he hung ten realistic signs for fake Halloween costumes, such as a rake and a sexy potato; all hung around a real fancy dress shop. He also posted fake reviews for IKEA products within one of the stores.

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What are your thoughts on these fake animal facts? Would you like to see more of this at your local zoo?


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