Artist leaves humorous signs around the city

In parks, streets, and industrial zones across Sydney, Australia, you’re likely to encounter quite a few signs and placards. However, you should take a closer look at some of these signs. Michael Pederson‘s quirky street art is so subtle that it’s easy to walk past it without even knowing it’s there.

Michael delights the people of Sydney by creating humorous and thoughtful signs that blend into the city backdrop. He makes use of pre-existing elements like benches or phones to share messages meant to snap a viewer out of their daily routine. Michael wants people to see the world from a more contemplative or even childlike perspective, if only for a moment.


“A lot of my work is about breaking the monotony of life and just being in the moment,'” he told The Sydney Morning Herald. “Out in the suburbs we go from A to B, from work to home and back again. I like to make a small interruptions in this environment.”

From amusing signs that curate the mundane to interactive public installations, Michael’s urban antics are sure to draw smiles from anybody who notices them.

michael-pederson-humorous-street-signs-5 michael-pederson-humorous-street-signs-3

With a background in painting, music, and film, he began working with text a little over a year ago. And since then, he’s also begun a Museum of Everything, which includes labels that curate the mundane.

“I’m not sure entirely why, but I feel drawn to all the unseen people, places and things out there. The Museum of  Everywhere is an imaginary space where nothing is forgotten.”

michael-pederson-humorous-street-signs-2 michael-pederson-humorous-street-signs-7

The signs look firm, but according to Michael they generally last no longer than a month. That’s part of the point; these pieces are temporary interventions, gone nearly as fast as they’re erected.

michael-pederson-humorous-street-signs-1 michael-pederson-humorous-street-signs-6 michael-pederson-humorous-street-signs-4

For more, you can visit his website. Or if you got a kick out of these humorous signs, check out fake animal fact signs left at the LA Zoo.



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