Mesmerizingly colourful quilled paper art

Creating beautiful art from paper can be done in many different ways including origami, geometric shapes, or even animal sculptures. However, quilled paper has seen a resurgence over the last few years, and it’s arguably all thanks to the handiwork of Yulia Brodskaya. Yulia is an artist and illustrator born in Moscow who creates stunning works of paper art using.

Yulia first began experimenting with various ways to illustrate using paper about six years ago. The gifted paper artist has since re-popularized the centuries-old practice with her delightfully colourful creations. Today she’s become a master at quilling and other sculptural techniques involving paper. So much so, that she’s landed high-profile jobs working on paper projects for fashion designer Issey Miyake, Godiva chocolates, and even Paramount films.

Yulia Brodskaya paper art
Colourful quilled paper technique

Turning 2D materials into 3D paper art

Quilled paper art may seem simple at first glance, yet Yulia’s work is incredibly detailed in both colour and expressiveness. This type of art is created by rolling or bending strips of paper and gluing their side to the surface. It makes them essentially lines, but the paper’s width gives these lines a depth that 2D art can lack.

“My style is constantly evolving… right now I’m interested in making even more 3D paper art using the same technique, so I keep on experimenting.

Giving a 3D effect to a 2D material
Paper quilling by Yulia Brodskaya

For Yulia, a sheet of paper can sometimes be its own source of inspiration. New, unusual paper or card stock immediately begins to spark her imagination. One of the main reasons she enjoys the papercraft is due to her love of the material.

Colour brings the paper to life

When asked what role she thinks quilled paper art plays in contemporary art, this is what Yulia had to say: “I think it brings the feeling of something ‘real’, warm and handmade; all the qualities that are associated with the term craft. I think my art is a kind of a blend between the traditional craft practices and contemporary art.”

Colourful patterns made from strips of paper

To see more of her work, be sure to visit her website or follow her on her newly minted Instagram account.


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