How to calculate freelance rates more efficiently

The one question that most freelance designers have trouble answering is, “what is your time really worth?” If you’re a full-time employee at an agency, your salary takes into consideration business costs like healthcare, licensing, taxes, and other business essentials. But when you work for yourself, you’ve…

Burger King highlights gender discrimination pricing with ‘Chick Fries’

Have you heard of the Pink Tax? It’s a term for the routine practice of charging more for products and services targeted to women than those targeted to men? Gender discrimination pricing has been around for years, but has gained more prominence lately thanks to a…

Designer explains how to price logo design and other services

If you’re a new designer just starting out, or even if you’ve been doing it a while, one of the more difficult parts of the job is coming up with prices for your services. Of those services, how to price logo design is one of the most…

IKEA ads cleverly remind us of product affordability

Chances are that you probably have at least one item from IKEA somewhere in your home, maybe more. Their products are modern, attractive, and affordable. IKEA Saudi Arabia asked their ad agency, Memac Ogilvy & Mather, to create a reminder to all shop goers of how affordable their furniture is.

How to charge more for your work

In nearly 10 years in advertising I’ve found pricing jobs for clients can be challenging and sometimes complex. If you’ve finally come to a point in your career where you have more than enough work and a steady stream of clients, you’re probably doing something…

Price your creative jobs with 5 simple questions

Like most creatives, you’re probably undervaluing the work you do. Maybe it’s because you don’t want to scare off a potential client, you’re trying to compete with other designers, or you’re just not sure how.