Burger King highlights gender discrimination pricing with ‘Chick Fries’

Have you heard of the Pink Tax? It’s a term for the routine practice of charging more for products and services targeted to women than those targeted to men? Gender discrimination pricing has been around for years, but has gained more prominence lately thanks to a study showing just how common it is. That’s why, in its latest marketing stunt, Burger King decided to highlight the absurdity behind this gender discrimination pricing.

BK recently surprised several female customers by offering “Chick Fries.” Exactly the same regular Chicken Fries, but in a pretty pink box where the chicken has a bow and eyelashes. The ‘Chick Tax’ saw the women having to pay US$3.09 instead of the normal price of US$1.69.

Unsurprisingly, this upset the female customers. A BK employee asked these female customers if Chick Fries made them mad, and questioned why they continued to purchase other Pink Tax products despite their higher prices. Along with the marketing stunt, the fast food chain created an ad to go along with it:

Burger King Chick Tax

Burger King pulled this stunt because it wants its customers to know that it does not believe in the gender discrimination pricing. And despite coming in a pretty little pink box, the Chick Fries will be sold at the standard price of US$1.69 in select stores across Miami, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Burger King has created awareness for social or current affairs issues. Earlier this year, the fast food chain found a way to highlight net neutrality to its customers through its Whopper meal. They’ve also tried to tackle bullying.