You’ll be on the phone more with this iPhone flask

These days it seems like almost everyone are enveloped by their mobile devices — especially smartphones. It’s enough to drive the rest of us to drink. If that’s the case, now there’s a way we can all discreetly have our favourite alcoholic drinks and look like we’re on our smartphones like everyone else.

The iFlask by Weku Group an iPhone-shaped flask that’s made out of ABS plastic with a stainless steel frame. It’s lightweight, durable, toxic-free, and even comes with a built-in bottle opener for your convenience.

iFlask looks like an iPhone, but holds fluids

This fake smartphone was inspired by countless complaints of paying too much for drinks at events, and a desire to have an alternative to standard flasks. The iFlask hold nearly 5oz of liquid and packs 3 disposable funnels to minimize spillage. Best of all, it does NOT support drunk dialing.

Get one for yourself — or a ‘friend’ — here for about US$30.