10 signs to look for that you should NOT take the job

You’ve managed to finally get an interview with what you think is your dream employer. You heard they have a fantastic culture and that it’s the hippest new place to work. You’re ecstatic. It turns out, however, you never really know what it’s like on the inside until you get in.

How do the employees in this potential job behave? What’s the turnover rate and career prospects? These are helpful indicators that reveal whether this particular company is a suitable place for you to work in.

What else should you look for? To help you see the signs that you shouldn’t accept the job, Approved Index has created the following infographic featuring ten telltale signs that suggest a workplace is unfitting and should be steered clear of.

For example, if you keep seeing a compay post the same job opening over and over again, there’s something wrong there. Take a look below and discover some helpful tips for yourself:

Infographic: First signs you should not accept that job

First signs you should not accept that job

  1. Everyone is new, but the business is not. High staff turnover is always a worrying sign.
  2. Interviewer complains about their current staff when they first meet you. Already bad-mouthing staff to someone who might become part of the team quickly flags up a domineering boss. Run the other way and don’t look back.
  3. Random buzzwords and enigmatic phrases are never good. It suggest a company that doesn’t have a clear idea of how they want to utilize you and imagine using you filling several roles simultaneously.
  4. Overselling a job means it’s usually too good to be true, especially when the job description is vague and they haven’t questioned if you have relevant experience.
  5. Do you keep seeing the same job advertised over and over? Yeah, that probably means something. Something bad.
  6. No mention of a path for career progression. You can do better than a dead-end job.
  7. Workers being brutally honest. Ask what’s the best thing and the worst thing about working here. If the big boss is not there, people can be really honest.
  8. Your potential employer wants money from you to begin working there. This is a company already on the ropes.
  9. How do employees act around the boss when s/he speaks? If they look at the floor and act like they don’t want to be there, then this says either s/he is a domineering or embarrassment of a leader.
  10. Look at people you pass and look at their expressions and body language. That could be you if you accept this job.

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